Welcome to the Fundraisers Alliance Belgium

For over more than 13 years, Belgian Fundraisers meet in an informal way to exchange knowledge and to share experiences. However, this seems to be inadequate. They need more than mouth to mouth knowledge and random encounters. These facts imply the necessity to create a professional association that can respond to this needs.

Fundraisers stand often alone in Belgium, where colleagues in neighboring countries are part of a broad network and have access to rich databases of expertise.

A couple of motivated fundraisers decided in early 2011 to pursue a professional trade alliance of fundraisers in Belgium.

This initiative group, consisting of 7 people established the solid base of what is called the Fundraisers Alliance Belgium.

Een gedachte over “Welcome to the Fundraisers Alliance Belgium

  1. I have been already in contact with you via Linkedin. I do believe you are following a great objective with this association. As headhunter, I am looking for a corporate fundraiser, you know perhaps someone efficient who can be interested. please contact me at francoise@senses.be

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