“When the fundraising industry joins forces, it can develop much more together.”

Mette Holm, the president of the European Fundraising Association wants to welcome the Fundraisers Alliance Belgium!


Dear Belgian Fundraisers,

First of all I would like to congratulate Belgium with the establishment of The Fundraisers Alliance Belgium.

It is always exciting to hear about the formation of new associations- but this one in particular is special for me, as I was involved right from the early reflections and considerations. I started working at ISOBRO in ISOBROs early days and remember how inspiring it was to meet the already established associations, back then. We had so much to learn from those who had walked the path before us.

You have taken the first crucial step in being formed. Now you have to stick together and work towards your common goals. It requires commitment and willingness and mutual respect by and for all parties. Focus on the target, not the problems.  Focus on the big picture and rise above the disagreement that may arise in the small, but hold on to the common overall vision for The Fundraisers Alliance Belgium. There is plenty of work ahead, but also many victories that you will celebrate together.

Experience has shown us this – that when the fundraising industry joins forces, it can develop much more together than each organisation can individually.

EFA is looking forward to working with you and will always do whatever we can to help you.


Mette Holm

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